In Our School

We are family

Our Philosohy

We believe all children come to us with gifts. Our inspired ATILIO philosophy embraces those gifts in a multi-cultural educational environment of love, nurturing, security and respect for each child. Each child is given the opportunity to make choices as they discover the world around them; providing them a feeling of joy and a sense of achievement through their accomplishments.

The ATILIO philosophy recognizes the “Whole Child” and inspires your child’s intellectual potential in a nurturing, structured environment. Your child’s social character will be developed by building on he following social characters: kindness, manners and respect for themselves and others. Through the use of individually planned, developmentally appropriate experiences, your child will thrive socially, emotionally, cognitively and creatively. Your child will have the pride and confidence that go hand in hand with their sense of growing independence. Bright Start believes, we are partners in your child’s “childhood memories of school”.


The mission of Bright Start Early care and Preschool is to lovingly inspire your child to their fullest potential; to respect, honor and nurture your child, and to embrace their uniqueness. Bright Start, together with your commitment to your child’s care and education, will do everything within our means to ensure your child will be safe, loved and educated.


Families are the essential part of our program. A partnership with you helps to foster the learning environment and healthy growth of your children. Our vision is to make our early care and preschool an active caring community that nurtures friendships, and creates a supportive network. As partners in your child’s education and care, we are committed to ensure their love of learning will flourish to our rich multi-cultural environment. Our passionate and dedicated teachers’ primary concern is that your child’s intellectual, creative, social and physical self is given the utmost loving and nurturing care. Your child will develop the skills and confidence needed for school and for lifelong learning.