100% Ready for Preschool

Your Child Is All Set For Their Next Step In Learning, Preschool!

100% Ready for Preschool

Your Child Is All Set For Their Next Step In Learning, Preschool!

Welcome to The
Explorers Class!

Children transition from independent play to active play in groups. Sharing, taking turns, respecting, and listening to others are actions that become more meaningful. Their curiosity will continue to launch projects that allow them to experiment and investigate through their learning. The classroom is equipped with unique project-related equipment as well as the basic supplies needed to offer a diverse educational experience.

FunShine Curriculum

The Funshine Curriculum is fully customizable to meet your child’s needs. In addition to learning plans, your child develops socio-emotional skills, self-help skills, like hand washing and tidiness, which are helpful for school and in life.

Expanding On Broader Concepts, Like The Weather, Every Day *Rain or shine?

Discussing the weather daily, be it wind, rain, snow, or sun, as well as the temperature, opens your child’s mind through their observations and descriptions. Exploring clothing choices, for example, requires their judgment and sound decision-making skills.

Additional Weekly Perks Such As Yoga, Soccer, French, Zumbini, And Semi-Annual Storytelling by Wolf Trap (Performing Arts)

Regular movement with yoga and soccer, along with elaborate storytelling by our drama teacher: Wolf Trap (Performing Arts), are add-ons to your child’s learning program. We consider these add-ons essential to a well-rounded learning experience, as your child explores their many budding talents.

what our parents have to say

"we know they will be more-than prepared for their next school"
We knew that Bright Start was a friendly and welcoming environment from the moment we toured it with Ms. Veronica Wright, and it has continued to be that friendly home-away-from-home for our children ever since. While we have loved the education our two children have received while at Bright Start and we know they will be more-than prepared for their next school, what we have loved most about Bright Start is the care and love each and every teacher has bestowed on our children.
- Kristen R.
"They genuinely care about your child "
Bright Start is truly a place that gives your child a bright start! They should be a model schools for early childhood education. They genuinely care about your child and it's evident in everything they do from classroom assignments/projects to the meals that are prepared fresh for the children by Chef Annie. Our son has blossomed since attending Bright Start and has received a strong foundation and confidence to build on in his academic years to come. We are forever grateful to the Bright Start family! Thank you from Jason and the Robinsons!
- Jolade B.
"Every morning at drop off, our daughter is all smiles"
Every morning at drop off our daughter is all smiles. She loves her teachers. She has developed a lot of new skills since starting 3 months ago. We enjoy seeing pictures of her that the teachers post online.
- Joanna L.

Truly Our Preschool!

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