Growing Confidence & New Skills Daily

Your Older Toddler Is Ready To Take On The World

Growing Confidence & New Skills Daily

Your Older Toddler Is Ready To Take On The World

Older Toddlers - Discovery Class | 19 - 24 months| Serving Washington, DC

Toddler-Approved Learning In The Discovery Class

Expert teachers help your adventurous toddler bridge that last step between babyhood and big kid! Teachers personalize lessons, focusing on each child’s unique skills, talents, and interests. There is plenty of large group time and cooperative play, too.

Group of diverse toddlers playing with different kinds of sports ball on a playground at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Washington, DC
Group of toddlers getting amazed by the bubble coming out of the bubble stick used by the teacher at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Washington, DC

Getting Preschool-Ready Through Everyday Play

Toddlers at this age learn vital school skills through everyday activities: active outdoor play develops muscles for sitting in chairs; playing with clay, coloring, and painting build hand strength for holding pencils; and nursery rhymes reinforce colors, numbers, and ABCs.

Examples of how teachers reflect your child’s interests back to them are:

Language & Literacy Gets Greater Focus

Teachers are always talking to the children, narrating the day and keeping them engaged. Not only does this expand your child’s vocabulary, it introduces them to the rhythms of language and conversation. They also continue learning French and Spanish basics.

Young little kid boy putting some stickers and showing creativity in art activity at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Washington, DC
Teacher using a microphone reading a storytelling book in front of group of toddlers at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Washington, DC

Fun Enrichments Add Rhythm To Every Day

Every day starts with circle time with friends, where music and movement take center stage. Some days, Baba Ras D joins them for drumming, while others welcome drama, soccer, yoga, and Zumbini teachers or a local librarian for storytime!

Plenty Of Outdoor Play Centers Their Day

Outdoor play is the highlight of the children’s day, with plenty of toys and space for running, climbing, jumping, spinning, and more. Age-separated areas give little ones the opportunity to play without worrying about exuberant older kids. 

Group of diverse preschool kids enjoy playing at the playground at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Washington, DC
Toddler playing with plastic vegetable toys , cooking activity, developmental for kids at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Washington, DC

Independence & Social-Emotional Skills Bring Greater School Success

Older toddlers love testing boundaries, and teachers know how let that happen in a safe and nurturing way. Your toddler continues to gain independence while also becoming more confident in their peer-to-peer interactions. 

Yummy Meals Fuel Busy Bodies & Growing Minds

Everyone loves Chef Annie’s tasty meals and snacks! Children eat family-style, giving a perfect setting for learning table manners, waiting until others are finished eating to leave the table, and self-care skills like cleaning up after themselves.

A Healthy Clean For Your Peace Of Mind

As an Eco-Healthy Child Care® certified center, you can be assured that your child’s school environment is completely safe and toxin-free. A ZONO© sanitizing cabinet helps teachers maintain classroom cleanliness and ensures everyone stays healthy.

Safe & Secure Is Our Promise To You

Your child is safe and secure at all times during the school day. Only authorized users have PIN code access to exterior doors, and all guests are both escorted by staff and monitored by security cameras. 

The Preschool2me© App Keeps You A Part Of Their Day

Keep a hand in your child’s day by checking in using the Preschool2me© parent app. View photos and videos, read teacher notes, track concerns and questions, and more. Every classroom also has a webcam, so drop in anytime!

Hear What Parents Have To SaY . . .

“All three of our kids have been cared for by Bright Start. The caretakers here are wonderful and make this place truly special — and feel like family. And as my kids got older, Bright Start teachers gave them the foundation they needed for school.”

-Heidi G.

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