Happy family picture at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Washington, DC

Your Toddler Is On The Move

Learning & Growing Disguised As FUN!

Happy family picture at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Washington, DC

Your Toddler Is On The Move

Learning & Growing Disguised As FUN!

Younger Toddlers - Wobblers Class | 13 - 18 months | Serving Washington, DC

Life In Wobblers Feeds Curiosity

Toddlers are little sponges: their brains are geared up for tons of learning, and you’ll see lots of changes during their time in Wobblers. Wobbler teachers are toddler specialists who lovingly and patiently guide your toddler through big emotions.

Toddlers with teacher playing with educational building blocks at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Washington, DC

Teacher-Guided Lessons Reinforce Children’s Interests

Teachers tailor individual lesson plans to your child’s unique interests, but each child also experiences large group activities and play, sensory activities, school skill basics, music, movement, early literacy, and daily exposure to French and Spanish basics. 

Independence, Confidence, & Social- Emotional Skills Influence Future Success

Learning experiences designed to promote a toddler’s blossoming independence, develop social skills, and foster self-confidence are everyday occurrences. These skills become a natural part of their play and eventually a seamless part of their social-emotional development.

We Introduce Early Learning Basics Such As:

Delicious Family-Style Meals Teach Manners & More

Toddlers enjoy eating tasty, nutritious plant-based meals and snacks prepared daily by Chef Annie. Meals are served family-style and eaten with friends and teachers. Your child begins learning about table manners, etiquette, and expectations for communal dining.

Daily Outdoor Play Supports Social Interactions & Motor Skill Growth

Toddlers get daily outdoor time on an expansive playground perfect for testing their growing mobility, supporting motor skill development, and building critical social skills. Learning cooperation and reinforcing brain-body connections now will have them ready for school in the future.

Group of diverse children playing with pool float, preparing for a swim at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Washington, DC

Certified Green Cleaning & Sanitizing Keep The Community Healthy

As a certified Eco-Healthy Child Care®, all cleaners and sanitizers, in addition to all air, water, and surfaces, are chemical, scent, and germ- and toxin-free. A ZONO© sanitizing cabinet takes care of toys and learning materials so everyone stays healthy.

Their Safety & Security Are The Top Priority

Secured entryways have PIN code access for authorized users like parents, nannies, and teachers. Unauthorized visitors have staff escorts and state-of-the-art video surveillance. Webcams live stream every day, so you can pop into your child’s class whenever you want.

Stay A Part Of Their Day With Preschool2me©

Keep updated every day using the Preschool2me© parent communication app! This easy-to-use app lets you remain in touch from the office or home. View teacher notes, pictures and videos of your child’s activities, or track your toddler’s developmental milestones. 

Hear what parents Have To Say . . .

“From day one, we have been impressed and thrilled by the care, compassion, and dedication of our son Charlie’s teachers at Bright Start. They consistently provide Charlie with challenging, engaging experiences that expose him to a range of topics and activities – we love getting pictures and commentary on his daily adventures . . . Most importantly, Charlie’s teachers make it clear that they know and understand our son’s caring, extremely energetic, curious personality and love him all the more for it.” 

-Kristen S.

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