Nurturing Love & Security
As Your Partner In Making Your Child’s School Memories Bright

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Honoring Children Is Our Everyday Practice

We respect each child and know that all children come to us with unique gifts. We embrace these gifts in a multicultural educational environment full of love, nurturing, and security.
Honoring Children Is Our Everyday Practice
Free Exploration Builds Confidence & Independence

Free Exploration Builds Confidence & Independence

All children make choices as they grow and discover the world around them. Your child develops pride in their achievements and accomplishments and confidence to go along with their growing independence.

Social-Emotional Learning Fosters Character & Respect

During their time at Bright Start, your child thrives socially, emotionally, cognitively, and creatively. They develop social character and good citizenship through learning kindness, manners, and respect for themselves and others.
Social-Emotional Learning Fosters Character & Respect
Teacher-Guided Lessons Pique Intellectual Curiosity

Teacher-Guided Lessons Pique Intellectual Curiosity

Teachers use individually planned, developmentally appropriate learning and play experiences to jumpstart your child’s intellectual curiosity. Personalized lesson plans feed their individual interests for a truly unique educational experience.

From Modest Beginnings To Innovative Futures

Bright Start began as a home-based daycare business in 2002, which has flourished into an inclusive and diverse bilingual early care and learning center. We are your child’s home away from home. Our early care program serves children from ages 6 weeks to 35 months, and our preschool is a STEAM-integrated (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) program serving children ages 3 to 5 years old.
Our Preschool Program is FREE for District of Columbia residents who are 3 years old before September 30, or 5 years after September 30 of the school year. Enrichments boost our academic curriculum and include:

Fun & Creative Enrichments Included In Tuition

As partners in your child’s early care and learning, we communicate through the Line Leader app. Teachers share your child’s activities, pictures, videos, and milestones daily and developmental progress quarterly. Parent workshops and social gatherings are also part of our playbook.

In our Preschool Program, we communicate through TeachingStrategies® and parents receive a weekly summary of their child’s work and activities. We share developmental progress every quarter and hold conferences to discuss any questions, achievements, and areas of concern.

We are also:



Managing Owner

Bachelor of Science in Nursing/Director Certificate

Work Experience:
Registered Nurse for 25+ years
Managing Owner of Bright Start Bilingual Center for 20+ years

“Embrace every child and foster their uniqueness“



The mission of Bright Start Early Care and Preschool is:
Bright Start, together with your commitment to your child’s care and education, will do everything within our means to ensure your child is safe, loved, and educated.


Bright Start Early Care and Preschool is an active, caring community that nurtures friendships and creates a supportive network of parents and teachers. As partners in your child’s education and care, we are committed to ensuring their love of learning will flourish in our vibrant, multicultural environment. Our passionate and dedicated teachers’ primary concern is that your child’s intellectual, creative, social, and physical self receives the utmost loving and nurturing care. Your child develops the skills and confidence needed for school and lifelong learning.

Give Your Child The Best Possible Start On Their Journey To Academic Excellence