Kimberly Rollins

We have thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Bright Start. It is a very loving and welcoming community, and our child is very happy. As parents, we value the safe environment, as well as the plethora of enrichment programs and opportunities for our child to explore and grow each day.

Dinahetta Lewis

Too bad I can't rate the center with 100 stars****. I guess I have to just settle with 5 stars 💁. Best center in the area!!!

Tammy Upshaw

I love Bright Start Early Care, My daughter attends the summer camp right now . Everyone is so friendly and Loveable .... I am looking forward to my daughters new school year.

Elyse Ashburn

Bright Start is simply fantastic. The caregivers are wonderful and get to know all the kids. And the parent community is great. Bright Start truly became a second home for my daughter during her 2.5 years there. She’s in a public pre-K program now, but we’d send her to Bright Start again in a heart beat.

Marguerite Barraud

I can leave my two children in full trust at Bright Start. Very professional teachers and very kind with the children. All the staff is always very polite and always in a good mood. I really recommend Bright Start.

Jolade Bryant

Bright Start is truly a place that gives your child a bright start! They should be a model schools for early childhood education. They genuinely care about your child and it's evident in everything they do from classroom assignments/projects to the meals that are prepared fresh for the children by Chef Annie. Our son has blossomed since attending Bright Start and has received a strong foundation and confidence to build on in his academic years to come. We are forever grateful to the Bright Start family! Thank you from Jason and the Robinsons!

Brian L

Our favorite thing about Bright Start is that our son seems genuinely happy to go there every day. All of the teachers are always cheerful and friendly and the environment seems really great for a little kid to play and learn. We really like the fact that they feed them organic, freshly made food, have a good mix of play and learning, and seem to enjoy being with our son. We feel like we're part of community there where they're caring for our son, and not like it's strictly a business transaction. We are very happy with Bright Start and look forward to years to come!

Eana Chung

Jacqueline V

The teachers and staff are friendly and have truly supported my son.

Gwynne V

Gwynne is very excited to recommend Bright Start Early care & Preschool

Onaisa L

Onaisa suggests you use Bright Start Early care & Preschool

Hannah R

Hannah enjoyed the experience with Bright Start Early care & Preschool

Tewodros B

Amazing early care school Teachers and stuff all are a amazing

Susan V

My son’s been going to Bright Start since he was 3 months old. The staff are unbelievably caring; the food is better than anything I’m taking to lunch; the rooms are clean; and the environment is super supportive. My son is thriving, and we couldn’t be happier.

Janice Wolly

Highly recommend this daycare! The teachers love the children and are invested in them. The kids do arts and crafts every day and go outside whenever possible, either onsite or to the park. They have music and yoga and zumbini and French lessons and soccer ... it's amazing! The food is delicious, varied, cooked onsite.

Kristin Roberts

We have been with Bright Start Early Care and Preschool for almost 5 years and have loved the experience for both of our children. Our oldest started at Bright Start when she was 6 months old, and will be "graduating" from the Preschool program next week, and our youngest has been at Bright Start for almost 2 years since he was an infant as well. We knew that Bright Start was a friendly and welcoming environment from the moment we toured it with Ms. Veronica Wright, and it has continued to be that friendly home-away-from-home for our children ever since. While we have loved the education our two children have received while at Bright Start and we know they will be more-than prepared for their next school, what we have loved most about Bright Start is the care and love each and every teacher has bestowed on our children. Our children have LOVED their teachers to the extent that some of the first names they pronounced were their teachers' names! We have appreciated all that the teachers do to share their compassion and love for their profession and the children in their classes, including thorough daily reports and conferences, high fives and hugs when we leave each day, and even little gifts at the holidays. When we've had challenges, we knew we could rely on the teachers to both help reinforce learning at school as well as give us advice and guidance on what to do at home. We have also really appreciated the in-house food service as it has not only helped alleviate a task we have to take care of at home, but, more importantly, it has introduced and made a norm for our children a wide-variety of food options, from different beans and grains, to tofu and every fruit and vegetable you could imagine! Our kids are not picky eaters and are usually always willing to try something new, all thanks to healthy routines and relationships to food being established every day at Bright Start. Being at Bright Start has really been our "village" for the last five years in raising our two kids and we are sad to be leaving the area and leaving this community, and we could not recommend this school enough!

Amy D

We highly recommend bright starts. The entire staff treats the children w joy and caring atmosphere. We enjoy the diversity in the school. Our daughter loves her teachers.

Jamie H

Clara S

This is the best daycare I could ever dream of for my beautiful daughters. The staff is incredibly caring, patient and hardworking- they are perfect role models for my darling daughters! The facilities are extremely clean and overall are amazing. The food is organic!! I would recommend this Daycare to anyone!

Joanna L

Every morning at drop off our daughter is all smiles. She loves her teachers. She has developed a lot of new skills since starting 3 months ago. We enjoy seeing pictures of her that the teachers post online.

Anna J

We had a fantastic experience with Bright Start overall. Our son, Rogan, attended from 3 months until 18 months. He was treated as their own, he loved all the teachers (even if the other class teachers, everyone knew him) and friends. He would learn so many new things. We also love the diapers and wipes the school provided, and most importantly the healthy and nutritious meals provided each day. No other daycares and schools provide that and we loved it! Unfortunately we had to move, which is the only reason we sadly said goodbye to all the wonderful teachers and friends. We truly had an amazing experience here, and so appreciative that Bright Start was instrumental in helping our son thrive. Thank you for everything!

Analisa B

Warm, happy and fun-loving environment - couldn’t have asked for more. Love all the activities available. Yoga, soccer, name it! Thanks Bright Start for making the transition to daycare so easy for us (including all the healthy meals! one less thing to think about...). Knowing our daughter is in great hands and having a blast makes the day all the better.

Maria Veney

Moyra Figueroa

Dinahetta Lewis

Yeshimebet Bekele

Can't say enough positive things. My son when he came 3 months he almost 5 years with bright starts he’s has learned so much. He loves the teachers, students, kids. I wish I could keep his here forever. Doesn't hurt that everyone lives in the neighborhood so it's quite a community feel!!!

Betsy Brown

We started at Bright Start when our daughter was 10 weeks old. We were nervous sending our first child to daycare, but Bright Start made us feel at ease right away. They were so welcoming and still are so friendly. Every time we walk in all the teachers are friendly and they all know our daughter’s name even though they are not in her classroom. It makes us feel like we are part of a family at Bright Start. Our daughter has been there for 3 months and we have seen so much growth and development over that time. They do many activities with her even though she is so young. We enjoy getting pictures sent though the app so we can see what she is doing during the day. She seems to enjoy herself at daycare. Her face lights up when she sees her teachers each day. We definitely recommend Bright Start and we are so happy sending our daughter there each day!

Onaisa Husain Landis

Can't say enough positive things. My daughter has learned so much. She loves the teachers, students, kids. I wish I could keep her here forever. Doesn't hurt that everyone lives in the neighborhood so it's quite a community feel!

Heidi Glenn

All three of our kids have been cared for by Bright Start. The caretakers here are wonderful and make this place truly special -- and feel like family. And as my kids got older, Bright Start teachers gave them the foundation they needed for school. There have been a few hiccups, but generally, our experience here has been positive. It may seem expensive, but it's truly a great place.

Eve M

Elizabeth T

Our son attends and loves it. It is a super warm, loving environment. They feed them very healthy food (included in tuition)--different from many other daycares where you either have to provide food or they feed unhealthy stuff like chicken nuggets.

They have a video camera that you can check in on--I trust the caretakers but it's nice to know there's that accountability. I check in every so often when I miss my little guy and it's great, I'll catch his caretakers singing and dancing, being silly and genuinely warm and loving with the little ones.

Also, I had a hard time getting my son to nap when on maternity leave unless I was holding him or wearing him in a carrier. It's been great that they not only got him on a regular nap routine, they got him to nap with others. They've got some baby whisperers.

He's 15 months now and I'm amazed at all the things they've taught him (so many words, he eats on his own with a spoon and fork, little songs he tries to sing/ hum). It's also surprised me that when I go to visit at mealtime all the toddlers will be calmly eating together--it's incredible to see all the toddlers so well behaved and in a room that actually feels...calm! I'm glad I have a place I trust where he's happy to go when I drop him off.

Taryn H

My family loves Bright Start. We’ve been there since 2009 and have gotten care for all three of my children. The teachers are all so caring, friendly and truly enjoy working with the kids. My son has really blossomed at Bright Start and I’m so glad we found them. Marcia is so on top of everything and has grown the daycare center into an amazing place

Cheryl St.Hilaire

Great and professional childcare center

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