"My daughter Ava loves Bright Start! She thrived in the care she receives here; she is excited to get dropped off every day, has learned so much in such a short period of time and is truly loved by teachers here. We wouldn’t be happier! "

- Onaisa L.

"My daughter Ava loves Bright Start! She thrived in the care she receives here; she is excited to get dropped off every day, has learned so much in such a short period of time and is truly loved by teachers here. We wouldn’t be happier! "

- Onaisa L.

Say Hi to the
Innovators Class!

At this age, children are constantly questioning their surroundings. Their creations are built with the intention to obtain a final product. Through activities that fine-tune their gross and motor skills, children are given opportunities to trace over light tables. They work with clay, string and natural elements to facilitate learning and experiences. The written and spoken languages begin to take an active role in their lives.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Curriculum that is
Engaging and Fun

Our preschool program incorporates STEAM into exciting experiences for children, aligning with our creative curriculum goals. This is the perfect background of knowledge for the complete development of a child, at their own pace. Your child develops cognitive skills, socials skills and language arts skills.

Parents Are Blown Away by Their Child’s Vocabulary

We often get comments from parents who are impressed with their child’s immense vocabulary. We hear kids saying things like: “Well, this is a very delicate decision…” as they make good use of their judgment, thinking skills, and extended vocabulary. We are continually talking to them, articulating and exaggerating sounds, encouraging their chatter and responding to them.

Play-Based Learning That Is A Solid Foundation For School

Our play-based preschool learning provides ample opportunities to balance and encourage group, shared and independent learning experiences.

Examples of play-based activities include such project-based activities as:

  • A construction project: first we talk about buildings, then your child creates a blueprint of the classroom or the whole school (including measurements and the placement of windows and doors), to then build this from their own design
  • Non-traditional learning of numbers, spatial identity, gravity, and weight, through various games, like “study the ball”. Different kinds of balls such as tennis balls, basketballs, golf balls, soccer balls and more, are rolled, lifted and dropped, as we discuss their different properties
  • Drawing with a pen. Children sign projects themselves, starting this process by signing an “X”, then by the end of the year they are ultimately signing their name

Specialized Computer Time, Three Times a Week

Children are introduced to educational computer games that sharpen their skills that need the most work. For example, should they need to work on sequencing, they can focus on this as we track their development. To this end, kids get 30 minutes on the computer, three times a week.

The Best Trained Teachers Help Prepare Your Child

Your child is guided by highly trained teachers who excel in developing their most genuine zest for learning. Your child experiences a well-rounded blend of play and education, with social skills and self-help habits. Our teachers ensure your child is happy, confident, and fully prepared for the next steps in learning and life.

Preparing Your Preschooler
with School
Readiness In Mind

Your child’s confidence and independence are enhanced with activities that help them become problem solvers and lifelong learners. Social skills are developed and nurtured as your preschooler is learning how to be a good friend.

Encouraging Your Child To Become Independent
and Responsible

Classroom jobs introduce the concepts of responsibility and dependability to your child. We help your child to continue to master potty training if this skill is needed.

what our parents have to say

"Love Bright Start and Ms. Marcia!"
I love Bright Start and thank Ms. Marcia and the entire staff for enriching my twins lives not only mentally, educationally and emotionally but also socially!
- Patricia J.
"All-in-all it is a win-win for the children, especially my child!!"
I love Bright Start Early care & Preschool (hereafter refer to as Bright Start) because of their friendly environment. In addition, Bright Start’s teachers and caregivers have the innate ability to motivate and teach the children. As an organization, this speaks volumes to their hiring practices and the propensity to retain good employees. All-in-all it is a win-win for the children, especially my child!!
- Iman H
"Being at Bright Start has really been our 'village'"
We have been with Bright Start Early Care and Preschool for almost 5 years and have loved the experience for both of our children. Our oldest started at Bright Start when she was 6 months old, and will be "graduating" from the Preschool program next week, and our youngest has been at Bright Start for almost 2 years since he was an infant as well. Our children have LOVED their teachers to the extent that some of the first names they pronounced were their teachers' names! We have appreciated all that the teachers do to share their compassion and love for their profession and the children in their classes, including thorough daily reports and conferences, high fives and hugs when we leave each day, and even little gifts at the holidays. We have also really appreciated the in-house food service as it has not only helped alleviate a task we have to take care of at home, but, more importantly, it has introduced and made a norm for our children a wide-variety of food options, from different beans and grains, to tofu and every fruit and vegetable you could imagine! Being at Bright Start has really been our "village" for the last five years in raising our two kids and we are sad to be leaving the area and leaving this community, and we could not recommend this school enough!
- Kristin R.
"Thank you for helping us teach our son discipline"
Bright Start has been a tremendous experience for our son, David. He has grown as a student and a leader wanting to learn and make good decisions. Thank you for helping us teach our son discipline and responsibility in a positive way. All areas from administration to teachers strive to project and create an awesome learning experience.
- David C.
"Ms. Marcia and her staff do a great job"
There are so many words to describe my experience with Bright Start. It mostly is loving, learning, one of a kind place. I have two children ages 2 and 5 and they love and enjoy being here so much sometimes they don’t want to go home. Ms. Marcia and her staff do a great job and go above and beyond with the children. This place I know my kids will always remember and I will always recommend as the best!
- Nadja H.

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